Valor VLR Superlight BJJ GI - Blue

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The Valor VLR Superlight is a premium ultra-light gi made from a 350g pearl weave that's amazingly lightweight. Whether it's keeping you cool in hot and humid training sessions or saving you the hassle of weight cutting at competitions, this BJJ gi is a comfortable and durable solution.

The size A1 VLR gi weighs just 2.65lbs making it one of he lightest gis available and perfect for competitions.  Not only do you save weight on the scales, you'll feel faster and more fluid in your movement.

The gi jacket has our competition cut, fitting closer to the body for a better result than a standard gi. An EVA foam rubber cored lapel, contrast stitching and a variety of Valor embroideries make this a great looking and feeling gi. The pants are an 8 oz canvas cotton featuring 4 drawstring loops and our own super-thick duo layer rope drawstring along with contrast stitching and Valor embroideries to match the jacket. Fully reinforced they remain lightweight an yet robust.

Every gi comes with a FREE drawstring gi bag!


  • 350g Superlight Pearl Weave Jacket.
  • Ultra light weight (A1 weighing around 2.65lbs)
  • Contrast stitching.
  • EVA Foam Rubberised Lapel.
  • Embroidered logos throughout.
  • Competition cut for a better fit to the body.
  • 8 oz Canvas cotton pants.
  • 4 drawstring loops keep the pant rope secure and free of movement.
  • Thick duo layer drawstring.
  • Branded woven tape to reinforce the base of the jacket, sleeve cuffs and pant cuffs.

Sizing Chart:

5' 2 - 5' 8
121 - 155 Lbs
5' 9 - 5' 11
156 - 190 Lbs
6' 0 - 6' 2
191 - 225 Lbs
6' 2 - 6' 3
226 - 265 Lbs